Who can use this website?

Persons domiciled in Pakistan and attained the age of majority can use this website subject to terms and conditions

Using SJP is Paid or free?

Using SJP is free of cost. you can browse any number of lawyers and ask any number of legal question from lawyers admitted with SJP.

Who can become register member?

All Legal officers who have Valid Pakistani National Identity Card alongwith valid bar license.

What is SJP Lawyers membership?

SJP Lawyers membership is designed to help you boost your career and exposure to Potential Clients.

SJP offers three different types of membership.

(a) Basic Membership.

(b) Silver Membership.

(c) Gold Membership.

Get basic membership and explore more details about Silver and Gold Membership.

Note: 6000 Rupees will be charge as Processing/verification Fee (One Time) to get approvel from SJP verficiation Team.

Which type of informations are present at SJP?

Registered members can enjoy e-library access to their bar association. Special designed programes for exposure to potential clients. and many more.

Is there any releationship between Bar Associations and SJP?

SJP grants free e-library access to every member of the Bar Associations, which are registered with SJP.