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Indeed people call Pakistan a talented nation and there is no doubt about it, they said up to the mark. Like any other Nation Pakistan holds creativity and talent in every field, if you talk about comedy there was late Moin Akhtar and present Umar Sharif, talking about Media Mainstream Comics we have Javed Akhar as Cartoonist, Talking about Singing we have talent like Atif Aslam, Nabeel Shaukat Ali, Shiraz upal and many more. The all mentioned name has taken Pakistan to its pride.

For today Social Media is the only source of Interaction, people are intending to create cartoons and vines and other particular admiration on social media, so lets talk about creating Viral Videos and Comics on Social Media; Pakistan isn’t far behind and has taken the part with its very best.

Here is the List of Top 5 Must Follow Pakistani Stars on Social Media who took Pakistan to a pride number:

1. Comics By Arslan

Arslan is one of the Top most Star in Pakistan by producing Funny, sarcastic and Honest reviews on Pakistani celebrities, Cricket Team and its performance along with the politics. He is brave and never gets afraid of talking truth among the people, his comics and reviews are viral on Social media and he has managed to get around 848 thousand likes on his Facebook fan page.

Comics by Arsalan

2. Zaid Ali T

A war of Vines that took place on Social Media, best contender for the throne of the Social Media Zaid Ali T. Zaid a 20 years young boy who has stunned people by creating videos and publishing on Social Media. The video contains the real facts of our own personal life and daily activities, he creates smile to million faces and keeps on coming with creative and funny videos.

Zaid Ali

Far as concerned to his videos, he gives more importance on being Pakistani. He creates great family videos to assure smile and happiness to viewers. If you are a Pakistani and watching his video you might be thinking “I do it daily :P”.

3. Dhoom Bros

Yet on Number three (3) but not the least, most funniest and outstanding vine and video makers in Pakistan. Dhoom Bros are brothers from same parents, working together and they are the viral wedding dancers who can perform dance on any song sung from 1960 to 2015.

Dhoom Bros

4. Furqan Shayk

Looking for another challenger to the throne of Vines at Social Media? Furqan Shayk is here. Excited personality brings all the funny facts of being a human to his videos. He is so called “One Man Army” because of his own hard work and solo videos he gets the attention of the viewers.

Furqan Shyk

5. Maansals

Maansals have been providing entertainment services from 2012, before that they just provided photography services. Maansals a group of students which started a great sensation of vines and honest review videos in Pakistan, they were not the 1st but the best vine maker in Pakistan but lately there absences have made them reach to the 5 yet they are coming back with some outstanding Entertainment.maansals

Maansals yet not only create vines but honest and social videos which provide enthusiasm into people and youth to work for their nation. Maansals have succeeded in creating challenging videos like Smile Pakistan and Rise Pakistan and their success led to different stars and they started participating together.

Yet there are other Pakistan Stars on Social Media who are also making Pakistan grow, but the finest and top are here in the list.

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