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Over millions of hacked or can be said stolen Id and passwords for the social media users like Facebook, Youtube, Linkdin, twitter etc were express and leaked on a Russion Website, they were about 2 millions.

It was reported by the Trustwave team that all over the world the website login address for users with password stolen online and leaked on a Russion website. An interview with BBC told that the Report which was uploaded was directly uploaded by the criminal gang, which hacked or followed the each key on the user computer and leaked them away.


By Facebook Spokeperson  said in a statement that it might be a reason of the issue so called the password reset option but we have now for a good time have changed the whole way it was and had made our security and high with new policies and still more working upon it. But this hacking issue is still un solved just because no possible issue is been guessed except that that the hackers are hacking one’s pc by malware specious software to infect their pc to gain control or even follow them.

Facebook spokesperson also said that people should also avoid to use the allow option at any place which they might think risky which means that if a website wants authority for login approval so be ready to be safe from it or use your risky mind to solve it either it may be beneficial for you or others?

LinkedIn additionally cautioned users to utilize added safety alongside malevolent software and also noted that it’s with all the services of Spider labs to help reset this passwords from the people affected using the outflow.


‘’LinkedIn proactively seeks out qualifications dumped on the web by hackers and also experience accumulated by malware; we after which compare this credentials to help those of your own members and also any matches cause immediate invalidation from the people passwords, ” some almost LinkedIn spokesperson educated Global Accounts.

“We’ve been recently working with [Trustwave] Spider labs to aid reset this passwords within the particular accounts whoever LinkedIn qualifications were across the list.”

A Google spokesperson rejected to discuss the particular incident specially, but did really encourage people with safety concerns to check out Google’s consideration safety capabilities.

Trust wave also noted inside is report that many lost passwords were being weak ones – like passwords like “123456,” “1234,” as well as “password.”

“In our very own analysis, passwords that use all character types and are also longer than 8 characters are thought ‘Excellent’, whereas passwords along with four or much less characters of only 1 type are thought to be ‘Terrible’, ” read Trust wave’s submit.

“Unfortunately, there were being far more terrible passwords than excellent forms, more bad passwords than excellent, along with the majority, as normal, is somewhere among in the Channel category. ”


If users have concerns about the security of her or his account, the best bet should be to change the bank account password and enable any added security features like two-step authentication.

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