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Many people start blogging with a goal in their mind which is to earn Dollars by Affiliate Marketing and Adsense. But most of them fail in this mission not because they don’t do but because they do not know how to market. They are not aware about marketing blueprints exactly. So without waiting any longer I will show you step-by-step guide to make money. If you follow this guide you will earn a massive Income by just article marketing, SEO, and other some secret tactics.


Select products

You need to find some 5 decent products in order to promote which fits the criteria and this is the first and crucial step in marketing blueprint. Clickbank is a good place to start finding products to promote. There are new products being added daily. You just have to make sure that they pay you enough for your time. Do not promote a product that pays you almost nothing. It is not worth it if specially there are more products available which are paying better profits.

Powerful Keywords

If you want to find more keywords then it is even better but you should start with 30 in the beginning to see if the product selected is worth it. There is nothing more depressing than writing 50 or 100 articles in order to promote a product and then realizing that the product does not convert to sales.

If I write around 30 articles and I make little sales then it suggests that I should not carry on. The good thing about bum marketing is that it is a perfect way to test if your products are winners for free while making money as well. If a product is a winner there is nothing that can stop you from advertising on Google Adwords or Ezine advertising. I know all top bum marketers write around least 30 articles for every product they select.


Writing Articles covering Keywords

Now is the time to write articles. You know you have some good products; you know they will convert, so nothing can stop you from making some great money except your willingness to write lot of great articles.

Squeeze or not to Squeeze

In future Ezinearticles.com will not allow you to redirect their readers to a signup form for an opt-in email list. They won’t even allow you send their readers straight to a sales letter and affiliate page through redirect.

Brush up your Keywords

By now you should have written around 150 articles and submitted them to relevant article directories. After a few weeks, you can find that certain product is doing well, double up.


Repeat all of this for 4 weeks and if you are not seeing $100 or more per day in your Clickbank account then I will be surprised. This system will work well if you try it. It is not another tactic it is like magic key you have been looking for, a way to act lazy and make money. Who does not want to live life like this? Take advantage of these and I bet you will make around $100 – $200 per day. Add that up.


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