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SEO for Ecommerce websites is known as a tricky business. While a person is dealing with an ecommerce site the problems as well as the opportunities are manifold. In many ecommerce websites there are hundreds of different pages. High number of pages thus increases chances of having some duplicate content which is often branded negatively by Google as well. Besides, it also provides us with more options for fresh content development which in turn results in high rankings on many search engines.


Why is SEO for Ecommerce Website a Difficult Job?

An ecommerce website is mostly different from all the other type of websites. On one hand it has to deal with some large number of pages and on the other hand the designs the layout and the navigation of the website. If it is neglected it can drastically ruin your sales generation. Above all the owner and team of the ecommerce website has to keep an eye on traffic coming in and going out as well, number of visitors that are changing into customers and amount of profit generated by the ecommerce website.

Keyword Research and Analysis

In SEO business, keywords are known to be bricks and fundamental units on which the building of your website resides. If you have wrongly judged the keywords the benefit will be on the competitor’s side. Hence you can use following steps which are highly suggested in order to avoid some unfortunate consequences.

Keywords should be well searched before developing the content

 When you search for the keywords make sure that your search is targeted at achieving appropriate keywords that can lead to more visitors and give high ranking in terms of target customers rather than only focusing on search engine rankings.

  • Keywords should only contain brand name, product number and categories.
  • Should include long tail keywords often.
  • Once keywords are selected your content is uploaded and website goes live, keep abreast your site with new and latest SEO trends.


Social Plugins Affect Ecommerce Website

A recent study conducted which is conducted by Janrain, ExactTarget, Hubspot, Forrester Reasearch and Gigya suggests following the stats stated below

  • 68% consumers chose social media to read reviews on different products.
  • 40% use social logins for online shopping instead of making new ones.
  • 80% consumers are connected with brands through social plugins.

An interesting study by Monetate shows that

  • 65% users have an account on at least some social media platform.
  • 58% users like a brand on Facebook and are expecting prize or discount.


Another study shows

  • Give clear call to action through SMM campaign.
  • Propose discount offer on liking the pages.
  • Do not focus only on Facebook; give proper attention to all platforms.

Importance of Content in Ecommerce Website

Whether it is SEO for eCommerce site or social media marketing site, video marketing site, blogging and affiliate marketing, importance of content is known to be undisputed. For an eCommerce site, nothing can generate leads as a user and SEO friendly content.


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