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Amazing Facebook Facts

Facebook is the world’s largest social network with out 1 billion active users but you’ll be surprised how much you don’t know about your favorite social network.

Below we have listen some of the most surprising and amazon facts about Facebook that you probably didn’t knew before so sit tight and read.

Amazing Facebook Facts

Facts about Facebook


Top 10 Amazing Facts About Facebook

Fact #1

There’s a movie made on Zuckerberg, Eduardo, Dustin and other key people in the making of the social network you know today as Facebook, the movie succeeded big time and has won 3 oscars.


Fact #2

The founder of the Paypal, Peter Theil was one of the early investor of Facebook .

Fact #3

Ever wondered why Facebook is so blue?, Guess what, its founder Mark Zuckerberg has red-green colorblindness which makes blue the best color he can see.

Fact #4

Burger King the famous fast food restaurant chain gave away free burgers to anyone who unfriend 1 person from his ID.

Fact #5

You can estimate the viralness of Facebook by that every 1 our of 13 person is using it.

Fact #6

Facebook has become so big in so little time, it is now valued more than 80$ Billion Dollar with a capital B.


Fact #7

Facebook was previously named Facemash.

Fact #8

More than 70% of Facebook’s users are outside of United states of america.

Fact #9

Facebook is banned in Vietnam, China, Syria Iran and Pakistan though the ban of it was lifted in Pakistan and is still lifted til date.

Fact #10

The thing known as “Poke” in Facebook, its meaning is still not define and it’s still a mystery for all of us.

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